WZA Contest: Volvo 265 Zombiewagon

Here's my entry, I immediately thought this car when I read the rules :grin:

My first sketch for it maybe it will change. Since zombies aren't that fast I think you don't need fast car to drive over them and make ground meat out of them. :p



You're right about speed Johnas, but beware of zombie animals ! The latest Resident Evil showed a swarm of zombie raven :( What about zombie lions, tigers and bears ?
If you have a volvo 265 to start with u dont need that nerd stuff like flamethrowers and miniguns, all volvos are already zombie tanks from the factory
That's what I said to Dr. Feelgood aswell actually :grin:

But those nerdy stuff makes it even more cooler and lethal for zombies
At least in a zombie outbreak, being a 'Volvo driver' would be a bonus 'cos apparently living people don't like being ran off the road :p

It's looking cool man, and I'm anxious to see the starts of it modeled up!!
Cheers mate, started to model it aswell but it's so early to show anything yet. Aiming for midpoly model aswell :)

As for the sideprotection, I'm gonna add peepholes to the rearwindows where you can shot zombies with shotguns :p
Reminds me of an old game I used to play called CAR WARS where the cars had all sorts of fun addons. all similar to road warrior cars but with the weapons on it like your Zombie Wagon.
First update ^_^

I made the frontspoiler aswell but it doesn't look good on it so I deleted for now. Maybe I redo it later. Lots of work needed on the front still 8o


I'm gonna replace those headlights with flamethrowers or grenade mortars, don't know which would be better :p

But yea more stuff is coming on the front :p