WZA Contest: Zombiebuster

thanks man,

zombies will come when I get round to modelling again, but its just renders for now, and Max doesnt do any weird crap now with renders ever, since I got my graphics driver updated :D now it works very nicely...

heres a 30min render hope you like.


I say F A N T A S T I C !!! I have one nice idea for your scene. For this hallway (sorry if i miss word) behind car. Put one hmmmmm i think that direct light will be nice to shoot on roof of hallway. Give him shadow map and make simple shape to look like humanoid or put fake shadow of humanoid to make silhouette on roof. This will add more creepy atmosphere. Just idea mate
Yet another trend on SMC, the rain on WZA vehicles ;) I'm just kidding of course.

The color palette on your last render looks damn good. The whole picture is coherent, and that's not a tiny achievement.

Keep it up that way, you have some serious opponents in the contest !
thanks guys
@fskpzns - thats a very good idea man... will try it, I just need to sort a lot of stuff out in the scene

@tom - na I was actually thinking about the rain way back before I even started the environment because it ha connotations of sadness and danger as such, but yeah veve beat me to it :p had to do some photoshop work so the whole scene was blue because the sun gave a yellow highlight on the car...which was useful, as I didnt have to render it again,
As for opponent's yeah a large number of entry's are simply awesome (including yours) but I have some secrets...well theoritacally they should work :p

I will try and get maybe an hour on it today hopefully.
well i started to work on my zombie, and was messing around in zbrush, - high poly model made of the head for now, made textures off it, made the low poly version and mapped it, so what do you guys think. also I tried to move away from the stereotype zombie who always resembles humans, just trying to increase the difference in appearances so humans are not related to the zombies....if that makes sense.


Wow yours is the most sleek, and looks like the funnest to drive.. well not safely drive but drive on a day when the zombies are at the pub.. Anyhow that rain shot is fantastic, The zombie is very unqiue, not seen one like that yet.
thanks guys, zombies at the pub, lol, thats a funny thought, drunk zombies :p , erm that zombie I started earlier, i can't manage to get the body in proportions or for it to match, so I decided to up the zombie's odds of winning...heres a little event :p


Zombies, infected human beings brainwashed to destroy anything living...they have become a seperate race, existing in their own world, whilst conquering ours. Just as we, the humans, have evolved from the primitive caveman to the slightly less barbaric race, the Zombies also have been evolving, from being slow relatively harmless creatures in hell, they have surpassed any human's physical ability, and now it seems their infection brings back the dead through the reincarnation of cells, any fossil can be brought back from its grave......

It seems a primary target was the Tyrannasaurus Rex (T-Rex) as the world's biggest predator to live on the planet, the growth of cells from the infection has caused a strange reaction with the fossils, it seems skin and muscle are growing over the body at an extreme rate, with muscles far larger than what it seems they would be....provided are shots from a clay representation of this creature, we do not know yet if this posses any special powers as such. We are sending in a special research team to investigate the behaviour of the subject.
lol :grin:


hehe, the tail, yeah that was what I started on in zbrush, so was practicing on it :p, I think I've fixed it now though, so we're all good

merged the rex into the fnal scene, made a render, no complications occured :grin: so tell me what you think ....going ot a back shot as well, sort of chase cam view