WZA contest: "Zombirossa"

So, my car will be a Ferrari Testarossa medic-car...for some really flashy and stylish rescue operations where ever zombies are about to cause casualties.

The iconic strakes on the side and rear will be blades for some slice&dice action.

The car is equipped with a pressured air compressor - to provide air for maybe flat tire, a NBC-protection on possibly contamined areas or as a medical supply for a medic tent.

It will carry necessary equipment on top of the engine, and the exterior will be completed with a pop-up emergency lights in front.

Now, it HAS to have some weapons, right? So - on the top there is a mounted position for a rifle... operated by the co-driver trough a roof hatch.
Also if the situation looks too bad, for the sake of impressive retreat, the car has a flamethrower operated by the car´s own fuel and pressure system... firing through the exhaust!

Since others seemed to draw a picture of their plans - so did I a quick scetch to show what I´m thinking.


Slow progress...

Roughing up the body. Just thought to update...
Also, the rifle I´m about to use will be the m82 barrett - ok maybe a clichè choice but if this would be a B-class zombie movie... it would be full of clichès anyways.

The wheels and tyres in these renders are still the originals - taken from my earlier version. But I will do completely new ones later - just checking the proportions etc. with these.


Awesome base vehicle...but I think it would be rad to have the exhaust in the back shoot out flames when it is in full motion...imagine warding off zombies that way.

Keep us updated...


It's coming along really nicely ! It looks like you'll succeed to create a double-use model, as the stock version is really promising.

Keep us updated !
Talking about weapons, the Barrett m82 is now done, exept UV-mapping and textures.
Very low-poly, but accurate enough i guess.

This "0.50 caliber (12.7mm) semiauto rifle is complete with a night-vision/scope aiming device.

Weighting something like 13 kg, and being about one-and-a-half meters long - it is more like a cannon when mounted ontop of the Testa. =)


Change of plans

Well, it seems that everybody are having blades, rear-mounted flamethrowers and sniper-rifles these days.... ;)
So, this is how far I got with this setup, but from now on i will make a complete re-write of the armament. The Barrett and the Flammers will be taken off and replaced by something with more "Oomph"

I even had some problems by accidentally destroying a part of my model, not yet covered it up.

Back to the model-lab...



Nice update, the car looks really good. Maybe the fastest sniper ever :grin:

I really enjoyed to read "complete re-write of the armament", I'm looking forward to see what you'll do. Keep us updated !