X1-2014 N.S.P. Vehicle

Designing a car not similar to any make or model, but can autob-shift. What should I add to it?

  • Car engine that do the same, but extend at all angles.

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  • An engine that will function as a main computer and power source.

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Something I start while I wrote episode for a motion comic that I'm starting on youtube and on vimeo. Here are some rendered stills that I've created in blender with a chassis, with a few tricks up it's sleeves.

got the Whole Tron thing going there! ;)
Thanks, but's only wheels I had push back the rear end so it wouldn't look so cartoony. The outer shell will increase outwards, while to mimic other cars old and new. I uploaded a small preview of the car in 360 view. Did another 360 rendered animation of the car today.

Since I didn't win the contest, but got at least a magazine in .pdf file. I spent time updating some work for a motion comic that I'm working on, while the process is slow for the moment, but waiting for replies for some to form a staff team for this.

I'm posting a link from my website for your support and if you kept in touch on the cyber-attackers hacking into our computers in the political world. None of us want to have our postings hacked, which I'm sure everyone can agree. There are new updates at the Day of Judgement website.


I just added a comparison with another and use my photo-editing program to make a comparison and overlap it, while this vehicle not only mimic a cars speed and performance, but also mimic a cars look. While the panels separate from the body and adjust the look and make.

Here's another still render for promo that I'm working on which will also add four of the other cars while they zoom in a z axis direction. The four cars from my contest entry which will be added with this one will zoom from different positions forward towards the screen they will have the same capability as the main vehicle.


Im sorry but I don't understand what this is ? Can you explain your project ?
Explain where? I can give you two explanations I'll start with the car.

It's a car like no other. A one seater vehicle just like the Ford Mustangs in the AirForce, but with a little trick to it the cars panels can pop-out, but can also adjust by a light-weight but strong hydrolic system with small micro gear pivots to adjust it to look like any car while going on under cover missions to stopping cyberattackers.

For the motion-comic which will include this car.

If anyone who does voice-acting but also who designs cars, I need to post something in the jobs section too, are needed for this motion comic project. Everyone is becoming of Cyberattackers, I'm sure some people are getting annoyed by it here as well. while people like us in the U.S. are getting tired of it. Feel free to ask any question about the car or the motion comic project I'm doing. I'll take at look at some of your work lots of good designs.