your best car

what's your best car..?

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it would help if their were years to these names? dodge charger? a little vague....

and yea american muscle is good for the 1/4 mile. As i live.... 1/4 mile at a time, those new chargers ( 06 ) are HORRIBLE!!! its really heavy not much of a muscle car anymore.

thats skyline is doing good in the polls too, but well.. makes sense, how many skylines are modelled in WIP? damn it just crazy.

Zachary said:
yep, love 'em too. (after all i have one lazy yankee tank in my garage)
LMAO zach i wanna race both our yankee tanks down a 1/4 mile!!!! hehehee im soooo hyper ... new drag season starts soooon !!!

um... is this poll suppose to be about muscle cars or mixeed or something... i dont get it... how does that skyline fit in with the rest of the pack?