Your dream car

As much as i like the Bugatti, i'm goiing to have to go with the Audi R8. I ambsolutly in love with the design of the car. Hell i'd give my soul to own one.

If you reading this oh might satan, i'd like it in machine gun grey with black intakes.lo
Without a doubt the Carrera GT - always and forever lol.

Oh, and if Satan does indeed take request, I am most certainly in the line.



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my dream car is pretty simple... an '07 Impreza WRX STi... WR Blue Mica... Custom paint job to put the Steel Gray Metallic paint that the Impreza Outback style uses.

In fact, two tone vehicles look so cool, I'm surprised that subaru doesn't offer 2-tone as an option ... :(
My dream car? Heh, it is my very own V350T supercar of course :grin:

you dont get a dream car because you smell.. you know you really want a d'sixteen more than a V350T..

i have a similar way of thinking to you, though.. no manufacturer makes exactly what i want.. so i'd want an essential V10.. GR-Sports ver. in funk boogie green.

but.. like.. green..

my dream car is pretty simple... an '07 Impreza WRX STi... WR Blue Mica... Custom paint job to put the Steel Gray Metallic paint that the Impreza Outback style uses.
isnt the blue on the outback a different shade? i thought it was a deeper darker one.. i have an '02 WRB WRX wagon and it seems like it would look funky if it had a two tone with grey on the bottom.. it WOULD look nice fully painted in that darker grey that the 2.5RS comes in with some gunmetal 7-spoke '07 impreza WRX 17s..

and a WRX wagon with sedan fender flares would be much better..


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yes, you are right, they are different colors of blue:

the blue that the regular models come in is WR Blue Mica:

the blue that the Outback Impreza comes in is Pacifica Blue Pearl:

it's unclear exactly what the bottom paint color for the outback sport impreza is... I've heard the two color combinations called Urban Gray Metallic for the lighter, and Crystal Gray Metallic for the darker. I've also heard Steel Gray Metallic, and some others... but yeah...

I like the brighter WR Blue Mica though...

here's an actual picture of my current two-toner, for reference since you mentioned you couldn't imagine it in two colors:

As for converting that paint job to a sedan, I'm not 100% sure how that would work, given the different wheel arches... I suppose the wheel arches could be left blue, since any thinner of a second color would be questionable, as you'd do if you painted just the part where the normals are inline with the bumper, before the crease of the wheel arch begins... if you know what I mean. But yeah...

so basically you'd like grey bumpers, a grey sideskirt, and some grey rub-strips on the door?

atleast your dreams are attainable.. putting the front end of a sedan's body on my wagon would be easy.. but those rear fenders.. and the doors.. and using the correct suspension bits to match the widened body.. and the hubs.. and.. well.. i might aswell have bought a sedan.. :p

are your wheels 16x7, btw?

.. haha.. unless yours is an 05, our wagons are both from the years of our joindates..
You know I'm surprise you WRX lovers are raving over the new WRX thats coming out.

Not to go away from this dream car topic. do any of you like the new car


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you might be able to get away with using some fiberglass moulding for the rear end...

as for my wheels, they're 16 ... not sure what the x7 means though... the tire numbers are 205/55-16
the new wrx is wack.. it's ugly and even fatter.. and did i mention it's ugly? because it's ugly. the sedan the US is going to get is going to be the absolute worst.. maybe the STi will save it.. ( the wagon/hatch, that is.. that sedan cant be saved)

i wonder if there's some aftermarket widebody that can be glued on so i dont have to get the poor car all cut up.. the rear latches would have to be relocated for the sedan doors to work.. i wish they just made the parts more similar between them..

16x7 > 16 inches diameter with 7 inches of width.. but if you have 205s, you've most likely got 7-inch wide wheels.. i guess that makes sense anyway, since most 16s on cars are 7 in. wide..
in no particular order:

Porsche Ruf 'Yellowbird'
Porsche 997 GT3 RS in orange
Porsche 911 964 :drool:
Lancia Delta Integrale HF
Audi RS2 (the ur RS)
Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZO6 (best bang for the buck :p )
Caterham 7
Aston martin DB9
BMW M3 E30
Renault 5 GTT
Wiesmann GT
Merc 300SL
McLaren F1
Koenigsegg CCGT
Caparo T1
Ariel Atom

well the list could go on and on... :grin:


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I´m actually driving my dream car atm. I dreamed a long time about a Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 with the round headlight grille and I was planning to get one in few years ( far future) because it´s hard to get one in good condition and they cost much..

But I got lucky when one guy that was selling a BJ40, wanted a Suzuki as a trade...and so it happened and now I have it. Good, old and classic BJ40 from 1975.
Everyone thinks I´m crazy, cause in Finland every young guy buys BMW´s etc sporty sedans or coupes, but I buy bad looking off-road cars that are older than god himself :p And they cant understand how can I keep that kinda car with no extra comfort stuff as a daily drive.
I can tell you, that it´s better than any modern car.. there´s the feeling when driving an old car not like in modern car where you have that stupid plastic feeling...