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Love ya ZH Fairlane mesh man, how did you make it?? Very impressive, I used to own one, its in Car heaven now I think.. White '76 351, I saw another dark blue one in Geelong, it's tempting, but ill go for a wicked poster and keep that on the wall till then. Just wanted to say well done!
Hi, my name is Peter, and I deal freelancce partnerships to work both archiviz that modeling car.
Attached are some of my productions made in 3Ds Max 2016 + vray + 3.30 PhotoshopCC2015.
For more assistance, I'm available.
I apologize for my bad English.
Peter Tuscano.

My site:
Hi, I just discovered your wonderful Mercedes T1 3d models. Do you still get these messages and do you still have them?

great modeling of bmw m4.
I am modeling the m4 too.and your works inspire me so much
I am much confused how to model the car interior,is there any tutorial you have?I want to learn something about this so much.
Thank you very much,and have a good day.!
All the best!
Dalla tua interfaccia di Rhino non vedo la barra di VSR Shape Modeling, eppure sono sicuro che lo usi... =)
No no, non uso VSR e nessun plug-in, odio i plug-in, mi disturbano il programma. In Rhino c'è tutto quello che mi serve. Io sono di Torino.